Get a drink with AD

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I don’t want to pretend that I know AD schema very well – I work with schema and I know how it is build, some values and their meanings etc. I also remember some of commonly used attributes name, but I don’t know all of them. Today my friend get back from the customer site and said ‘Hey, I came across very cool attribute in our AD schema!’. I didn't knew it (as I said I don't know a lot of things about AD schema) so I lunched my favourite tool (all the credit goes to Carlos and took a quick view at it – yes it is there. I dug a little with the search engine … and it looks like it was introduced in Windows 2003 version, but I’m quite sure that most of AD admins were very familiar with it even before the Windows 2003 was developed. The coolest attribute in AD schema – drink.

As we can read in Christian Weyer’s blog archive this attribute was introduced as an implementation 🙂 of RFC 1274 document, which describes alcoholic drink as well. Notice value in the Range upper value :).
Time to go to sleep.

5 thoughts on “Get a drink with AD”

  1. Only 256 drinks dam 😉 I see you using Schema Explorer 😉 EXCELLENT I really need to get that done. Thanks for that Carlos

  2. damn, I looked for it, but no sigar(s) attribute! Carlos: where can I get the latest build of schema explorer?

  3. Yeah, I first noticed this in b2 or b3 of .net server/w2k3. It was added after b1! BTW your URL link to another blog actually links to your 'drink' blog. neil

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