About me …

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I read on some blog about blogging that it is good to introduce yourself for blog audience, so here's a little article about myself.
My name is Tomek Onyszko (Tomek is a short name from Tomasz) and I live in Warsaw, capitol of Poland. I work as a Consultant in local Microsoft subsidiary, mostly on projects related to Windows Server infrastructure, directory services and identity management. Directory services is an area of computer technologies which I'm trying to get to know a little deeper for some time, mostly I work with AD but not only with AD.

Before joining the 'dark side' I worked for 5 years in different companies with variuos operating systems and technologies (that's why I know that MS Windows Server is not only server software on the planet πŸ™‚ ) as sys admin, R&D consultant and security consultant.
I was awarded twice with Microsoft MVP award in Directory Services area. I get to know a lot of very nice and brilliant peoples among MVPs, that is also a cause why my blog is now hosted on dirteam site, Carlos who invited me here was ( πŸ™‚ ) also one of MVPs I've meet.

I think that's all in this short bio :). OK, there is also a photo (see below) – in the same source somebody wrote that it is good to have your photo on Your blog :).

PS. Thanks goes to wikipedia for providing few links.