Dating with hot-line chick

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Befor telling what I have to tell – for those who knows me and knows Magda, I'm not cheating on her :).

So … do You want to date with a girl from hot-line, why not, that what You have to do. First, You have to call the hot-line (suprising, huh πŸ™‚ ) and talk with her for 10 or 15 minutes paying 4 PLN (about 1,2 USD) for every minute. She will ask You some questions, give You some advices and If You are lucky You will have an appointment in an week or two in one of two places in Poland. But this can;t be so easy, so You will get from her during this phone call list of documents she wants to see on Your date, and You have to pay 330PLN (100USD) in advance, without any satisfaction guarantee.

But You want to see her so You are gathering this all documents, she requires also to see Your picture, so You have to make photo of Your face, bu very special one – she is setting the rules here.

When You paid and the day has come You are going to her place – few hours trip, it may be 300 km or more depending where You live in Poland. You are there, on the hour You had in Your appointment, but wait .. there's a line, and You have to wait in this line until somebody will call Your name. OK, You're in, give away Your mobile if you have one, You are not allowed to get it in there (but I can understand that), somebody will get Your fingerprints and put You on the another line, but You are inside and the meeting is close. After some more time You can see her, she is sitting behind the glass and has a microphone so You can speak to her through this microphone. Now it is a hard part – You have to prove that You are trurly connected with Poland, being born here is not enough here, haveing all family here, work and other things is not enough – You have to REALLY PROVE that You are connected with Poland. That is requirement to talk further. After 10 or 15 minutes the meeting is over, You can go and the answer If You were succesfull will be sent to You in 5 days with DHL service.

So why I put this story on my blog? What is her name? It's US Embassy – and this process described before is a process which You have to go through when You want to visit Your friend in a States.

I know all the reasons behind it. OK, it's our fault that around 25-30% of Polish people stays in the States longer then they can with their visa. But it is really frustrating when You have home here, Your family and job, and You just want to visit a firend in NYC and spent some time togheter there.You have to spent about 150USD (without travel costs) and Your time only to get to know that they won't trust You and You will not be allowed to get there. I hope that the person who will go through this process in next week will be sucessful, I really do.

BTW, anyone from NYC area reading this blog? Any _must_see_ things in NYC, or places You _have_ to visit? Any thought about it in comments or sent to mee through contact me form are welcome.

Getting back to preparing pasta on today's supper with my friends :).

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  1. Hey Tomek, Dont worry we have the same problem in South Africa. The worst part about it is when you get to the embassy they are super rude to you as well. I mean you are paying for their service!!! Places in NYC (these are the ones I liked) 1. Time Square 2. Statue of Liberty 3. On time square you can take the topless bus for about $50 – $100 this is for the whole day and its a hop on and hop off bus(s) they take you (with a guide) to all the MUST see places in NYC which is good! 4. China Town 5. B&H – this is a SUPER HUGE electronic store with possibly the cheapest electronic prices in the world. From all the places I have been this is def the cheapest Well good luck on the travels – when you going up? In Jan for tech ready? C

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