System state backup may fail on Windows 2003 SP1 DCs

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New KB article came out few days ago regarding possibility of backup failure on Windows 2003 SP1 DCs in specific configuration. Specific configuration means different location for neither DIT file or database logs file if one of this elements is located also on the system drive. So both (DIT and logs) on different drives are good, unless one of these drives is a system drive.
More infromation at a KB909265 source.
Thanks for Susan Bradley for pointing out this KB article on mailing list.

One thought on “System state backup may fail on Windows 2003 SP1 DCs”

  1. d*mn, that's bad. I recall that W2000 pre-sp2 also had a bad backup/restore bug. In about 50% of the cases you would not be able to restore the backup.

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