MIIS 2003 Design Concepts

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New download on Microsoft Downloads delivers three new documents, as stated on download page:

  • MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Reference Attributes – This document explains how reference attributes are processed by MIIS 2003 for direct attribute mapping scenarios and provides a conceptual explanation of a custom solution for advanced mapped reference attributes. It also includes design recommendations for both direct and advanced mapped attributes.
  • MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Correlating Digital Identities – This document discusses considerations for mapping attributes across different identities and configuring joins based on your business requirements. It introduces the concept of Correlation ID and explains how you can deploy a Correlation ID to establish strong object relationships in your identity integration solution.
  • MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Implementing Identity Data Functions – This document introduces identity data functions (IFunctions), a design concept for identity data authoritativeness, discusses possible implementation options, and provides best practice recommendations for IFunctions.

I'm starting to read through it but I think it will be on the list of "readings" for any person who is dealing with MIIS projects.

Blog author note: hmm .. I'm always concern if I should put such information in the blog – do You find information about new download like thi useful? Should I post it here?

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  1. I appreciate the notifications about data being availiable. I usually find out about it from other means, but many have asked me for a central place to keep an eye on MIIS releases. It would be nice to point them here.

  2. OK, You can point them here and I will try to keep it up to date with downloads. Thanks Jef for Your comment.

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