Introducing Windows 2003 R2 64-bit DC into 32-bit domain

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You have your new x64 hardware, You have fresh copy of Windows 2003 R2 x64, and You want to use it as new, efficient platform for Your DC. Problem? Not really, but I saw question about it few times on Internet and such question was rised by one of Polish Microsoft's customers as well. If few peoles are asking about it – maybe somebody will look for answer on Internet so I've decided to give MSN Search or Google chance to index the answer :).

It's really not a problemu – more like annoyance. Introducing Windows 2003 R2 Dc into domain, requires performing schema extension to be done as I wrote in one of my previous blog entries. Only problem which may occur is that if this is Your first 64-bit DC in forest You may not have machine on which You will be able to execute R2 version of ADPREP.EXE (which on 64-bit medium is also 64-bit). Workaround is so simple, that I'm not really sure if it's worth blog's space :). You have to install Windows 2003 64-bit on Your new hardware from first CD of R2 media, promote it as DC, then transfer (not seize) Schema Master role to this machine and extend the schema (If you are not familiar with such procedure You may be interested in some reading about it). Then you can use 64-bit ADPREP to rise You schema version (version 31 at the end).
Simply, easy … enjoy Your 64-bit Windows 2003 performance and new cool R2 features :).

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  1. Thanks for your comment Tomasz. πŸ™‚

    However the workaround will not actually work if the customer is trying to add R2 as a member server and they would like to use DFS Replication, Print Management Console and/or Unix Identity Management.

    For a workaround on this scenario, maybe have the ADPREP 32-bit and 64-bit added to Microsoft Download site for download? πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, You are right – and you are right also that it should be available as a download because not everyone will deal with it smoothly. At the end – to extend the schema it should be enough to import LDIF's files which are delivered with ADPREP on second CD of R2 media. LDIF's are the same for 32- and 64-bit schema :).

  3. Please tell me if I'm wrong, but if you can't dcpromo the R2 server until adprep /forestprep is run. And you can't run adprep on your 32-bit Schema Master, because it is a 64-bit program. Therefore, unless you get the 32-bit adprep it's a catch 22. Anyone know of a site to dwnld the 32-bit adprep?

  4. hmm .. I have to edit this entry and test all scenarios in the lab. LDIF import should work – but it has to be tested first in the lab. Tiral software may be solution but only R2 tiral is now available. No, there's no official download right now – states that work on KB and download at MS site is on the way.

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