Warsaw uprising anniversary

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This post has nothing to do with technology but maybe some of you will be interested in it. Today is 62'th anniversary of Warsaw uprising which started at 1'st of August in 1944 during World War 2.

Flying fortress B-17 should fly in this moment on a sky above my flat which is located in one of a building which was important stronghold during this upraising and I thought "Why not to let others know about this?" – so here comes this blog entry.
This was a 63 days long struggle of young people (some of them were kids actually) with German forces, and the goal was to free Warsaw and welcome upcoming Russian forces in a free city. Warsaw is divided into two parts by a river Vistula, and Russian forces were on right bank when rising started and they stopped there and watched like Germans destroyed entire city and killed a lot of people just for some political reasons (to take control over Poland after the war actually).

This is very simple and short explanation and probably most of people who are studying history would kill me for it.
Was it worth? – this is still asked question but I think that it was. After 5 years of occupation this rising gives peoples something to live and die for, for most of them it was unfortunately end of their short lives.

If You are interested in it You can read more about this on Warsaw Uprising web page maintained by Project InPosterum, and on official web page of Warsaw rising museum.

I know that this may sound pathetic but this post is for their memory.


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  1. Hi Tomek Not pathetic at all. Stuff like this should be remembered so that it doesn't happen again. Those who forget history are cursed to repeat it. Regards from South Africa.

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