Err – Your error friend

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I don't know how many of peoples who are reading this (I hope most of them) are familiar with Err tool. Today I had problem with password reset application which utilizes MIIS and if I would follow standard path and if I would checked error number with Err.exe this problem will resolve imidietly.

What is Err – its description states for "error code look up" and this exactly is what this tool does. It looks for error code in different headers and program tables and gives you all possible description for error code specified as input.


C:\>err -1073741730
# for decimal -1073741730 / hex 0xc000005e
# There are currently no logon servers available to service
# the logon request.
# 1 matches found for "-1073741730"


Simple? But tells you all You need to know about -1073741730.

I've decided to post this in case that somebody is missing this tool in his "toolbox".