Playing with new ADFind and ADMod

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Today on  simple question was asked:

Is possible clean all logon scripts from a OU at the same time. This OU 
contains others sub-OUs.

Sure it is :), thanks to joe we have updated versions of ADFind and ADMod in our toolbox.

First we need a filter which is simple:


which should give us users with some value for logon script set.

Than we have to invoke adfind with our OU as a search base and subtree as a scope … and here comes a fun part – with -adcsv switch. This switch will give us a result of a query in CSV format, which may be consumed by admod. What we need in a result is also current value for scriptpath (You will notice reason for this later). So this command will look like this:

adfind -b "OU=Employees OU,DC=W2k,DC=PL" -s subtree -f
scriptPath -adcsv


Next … ADMod part. It is simple, admod allows You to modify attribute value with following syntax <attribute>:-:<value> which just clears value from attribute. Our attribute is scriptPath and our value will come with CSV data from adfind, so we can specify this like that:

admod scriptPath:-:{{scriptPath}}

And both together gives us:

adfind -b "OU=Employees OU,DC=W2k,DC=PL" -s subtree -f
scriptPath -adcsv | admod scriptPath:-:{{scriptPath}}

Which will result in following output:


AdMod V01.07.00cpp Joe Richards ( October 2006

DN Count: 2
Using server:
Directory: Windows Server 2003

Modifying specified objects…
DN: CN=jan tomaszwesk,OU=a,OU=Employees OU,DC=w2k,DC=pl…
DN: CN=jan wisniewski,OU=Employees OU,DC=w2k,DC=pl…

The command completed successfully


Quick and simple, and as Paul Williams wrote on a group:


Ha ha. Show off.

You use the one of the fancy new features just to clear a value


Yes … I'm using this fancy feature to do simple thing – because it is simple with them.