Battlestar Galactica season 3

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Life is not only about computers – sometimes it is about TV and computers πŸ™‚ (this is some kind of joke if someone knows me personaly as I don't have TV at home – strange :), isn't it). If You are not Sci-Fi fan – You can stop reading at this moment – unless You are Battlestar Galactica fan.

Season 3 just started and it brought utill this moment 3 new episodes – a good once I must say. I'm lookig forward to see whole story in this season, even if I know that there will be no final as there must be BSG 4 πŸ™‚ (show must go on, as long as there is enough viewers to sell good volume of ads during the show).

If You are living outside of States and few others countries in Europe, and You don't have cable with SciFi channel it is a problem to get these new series without running some P2P software or other method. One may say – go to iTunes, it's there. But iTunes doesn't like credit cards with address based in Poland – strange, isn't it – my ~2 USD are worst then ~2 USD from person who is living in NYC. I know, this is not so simple and problem is in author rights etc.  But it may be a little irritating.

Fortunately some (pay)pal comes with help – this is even stranger – iTunes will reject You because You are from Poland, but if You will hide behind (pay)Pal backs it will great You with open arms :).

… but, BSG story continues and I will follow it.