Microsoft and Novell are announcing cooperation on SUSE Linux

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At this very moment Microsoft and Novell are announcing agreement both companies made on supporting SUSE Linux and Open Source technology in terms of interoperability. Details of this agreement are being announced but it looks like Microsoft and Novell will work together on:

  • providing interoperability between Linux and MS systems
  • providing support for Novell Linux platform on Microsoft virtualization platform
  • delivering SUSE solutions to customers.

Press conference is being broadcasting and is available here (I think links to transcript will be there after conference).

To be honest, I was expecting some new things this day (first snow in Poland) but not this . World is being changing …


[Update] really funny transcription provided by Deji Akomolafe 🙂

[Update 2] So press room is empty now, everybody were nice to each other, conference was ended. Now we have to wait to see what this agreement will realy change in IT industry. I'm not sure if this will be biggest change ever but let's thing claryfiy a little and see what's behind it.

 [Update 3] Microsoft's press release.