Still alive

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It was a bit quiet time on the blog. First month of this year resulted in huge amount of work to do. At this moment it takes almost all of my time. Rest of this time I spent on finishing my new flat. Fortunately at the beginning of January I had few days of vacations and I managed to go with my friends from South Africa to my favorite place in Poland, Wrocław.

I want to share with You with just two pictures from this trip – it is one of new sculptures on the street in Wrocław. These peoples are just going under and they are going up on the other side of the street.




Just nice. As I wrote it few times before – Wrocław is "must see" town if You have some free time in Poland.

I hope I will get back to more regular blogging   after I will get back from Seattle in February. If any MSFT employee is reading this blog  and will attend TR4 – I will be there as well.