Longhorn and password policy

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Ulf (DS MVP) who is now having a lot of fun during MVP summit with other MVPs (I'm really jealous) found some time to write on his blog about new LH feature which I wasn't aware of (I have to find more time to play with LH builds, because of work load I have dropped it completly for last couple of weeks).

This new toy is … yes, possibility to configure more than one password policy in a single domain. Yes, with LH we can now configure more granular password policy than one policy per domain. With new class of objects we can define additional password policy and link it to user or group. It looks like this object cann't be linked to OU – I would be happy if this will be possible but I can live with groups. With conjunction of automated group management process  – for example using  MIIS (or ILM), which is topic for another post being currently "under development" – this might be very usfeull think.

OK, I have to say – at last ….