Short break on the blog … spring is coming

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It was a bit silent on this blog lately. Mainly because massive load of work I had last time with different MIIS and AD engagements. This required some traveling (Belfast and Belgrad this time)  and consumed a lot of time and efforts, but I'm pretty happy with results. I hope my customers as well :). I hope also to get some rest now ๐Ÿ™‚ during upcoming holidays, and post more often here.

As I had to travel a little and in these days there is one thing which is strictly related to traveling – security checks – I want to share some thoughts about it.

First, security checks on the airport.

I don't know what is a purpose of this all  "liquid" checks and how plastic bag is improving my security during the flight. As I can bring on the plane some liquids in 100ml bottles and I can carry as much of them as will fit into 1 litter plastic bag I can probably get something which may blow up the plane. I'm not very good  in chemistry but I can imagine that this can be done (BTW: am I right now on the radar of all anti terrorist scanning engines ๐Ÿ™‚ ?). So really, I don't know how forbiding me to get a bottle of water on the plane or putting my stuff in the plastic bag is improving security.

BTW – have You noticed that there is no response on the market for this. There is no water or other drinks in 100ml containers  to purchase on the airport. Hmmm … looks like it might be a good "seller".

Second thing about airport security checks is that I don't think that putting me into three security checks within 10 minutes on three different posts is improving security – I think that this is annoying and this is just badly organized process.


And now funny part regarding security checks. Maybe some of You have seen me in a real life or You have seen my photo. I'm not exactly "ordinary business traveler"  – I have long hairs, I'm not wearing suit etc. So in Belgrad i've stayed at Hyatt hotel and every time I've entered the hotel I was stopped by security and I was asked three questions:

1/ Am I carrying a weapon? (If I would, I would never admit it to them ๐Ÿ™‚ )

2/ Am I planning to take a pictures inside of the hotel? (I was thinking about taking some with my cell phone )

3/ Can I show the hotel card?

So ….  maybe nothing unusual, but I was waiting few times for my colleagues (greetings Zoran) to pick me up and I didn't noticed that they are questioning any other persons :). And really – I think that forcing security guys to ask people who are entering the hotel with this questions is really stupid idea if you want to do something really improving security of Your guests. But I think that some security officer there feels better that he has proper process for identifying terrorists in place :).

OK … let's give up on this topic. We have to live with security checks. 

As a part of this "getting rest" process I and my girlfriend Magda took some advantages of spring which is starting around us and we have spent some time on last Sunday in ลazienki Park in Warsaw. Magda has took some pictures which I think are good – so I'm posting it here for Your review :). If You like it and You want to have it in larger format – just leave a comment – we can arrange this.



And two pictures of peacock trying to grab attention of his lady ๐Ÿ™‚