Exchange 2007 and GAL synchronization

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I've decided to give a try to new  Live Writer and blog about ILM\IIFP and Exchange 2007 support.

One of common ILM\IIFP usage scenario is GAL synchronization between different forests. This is pre-configured MA delivered with ILM and IIFP which allows to synchronize contacts between Exchange 5.5/2000/2003. Unfortuantelly this solution relays on RUS as a service which was responsible for actual object and attributes population. Unfortunatelly there is no RUS in Exchange 2007 anymore so we can't use it.

A good news is that there is simple workaround which allows us to use this functionality until product group will deliver full Exchange 2007 support. This is described on Technet pages. Contact objects can be still provisioned to Exchange 2007 with ILM\IIFP Gal synchronization and then some Powershell cmdlet has to be exectued to replace RUS and update attributes on these objects.

Unfortuantelly provisioning mailboxes is not an option here – You have to create Extensible MA or wait for full ILM support for Exchange 2007.


Hmmm … I came across a minor problem with Live Writer. I've found it when I was writing post to my Polish blog – I can't type 'ę' character – it substitutes it with € sign. Bug or some option – have to check it. 


Update: Sorry, I forgot to put a link to Technet web page with actual description of a solution. Regarding this Live Writer problem – this is investigated and probably will be fixed. One more problem in multilanguage world :).