Feed Your friend with Your feed

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This won't be about DS but maybe some of You will find this interesting. From some time I'm watching how Web 2.0 (or choose Your number for this web) develops in Poland and in the World. I'm more lurker on this and I got interested with this because of my friend Witek who is actively working in this area.

So .. any of You are in Facebook. Some time ago Facebook has released API which allows developers to build applications on Facebook platform which can utilize Facebook network. Witek and his friend Kuba from yashke web development group has leveraged this API and created FriendsFeedMe (FFM)application.

Idea behind FFM is pretty simple. Everyone (ok, most of us) are using RSS to read feeds from blogs and sites. Are You on a Facebook – share Your feeds with Your friends through FFM. In return FFM will analyze Your and Your friends feeds and will suggest You possible interesting feeds read by Your friends. I've checked it and I like the idea that I can share my feeds and get to know about other potentialy interesting for me.

If You want to check it You can find this application through Your facebook account or just go to http://app.friendsfeedme.com. News and some additional information can be found on FFM blog. Maybe this will be next YouTube 🙂 … don't miss it :).