LDP.exe documentation

Reading Time: < 1 minute

LDP is one of a magic tool for LDAP which used at customer site in most cases makes You looking as some kind of AD wizard. To be honest I don't know why but in many cases it works in this way.

Maybe one of the reason for this is "lack" of documentation for LDP usage. There is outstanding book by John Craddock, but not everyone will spend some money on it.

Today, Tonny Murray in ActiveDir.org thread mentioned that "lack" of documentation for LDP isn't exactly true as there is LDP.DOC delivered with this tool but (…) It's often overlooked (…).

And this is true – I'm using ldp.exe for quite some time and I've never have looked at this document. So if you want to know how to use LDP go to Support Tools directory and check this document – it's there. Maybe this will make You look magic at next engagement :).