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VMRCPlus is new tool which will become public soon or even is released right now. This is one of the tools I've asked "why it is not public" when I've joined Microsoft two years ago (wow, it is two years this month).

VMRCPlus is client tool for Virtual Server which will allow You to connect to VS locally or remotely and create \ configure \ access virtual machines running in Virtual Server. This is much more comfortable tool then Virtual Server web page interface and most of people who had used it loved this replacement.

This is one of those "not supported" tools, but it is proven and it works :).  Only URL I know, from which You can grab this tool is Michal Osmenda web site (32-bit and 64-bit versions), but as soon as this tool will be available on some official download site I will update this information.

So  … enjoy.


More official link to this download is available on Keit's blog:



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