Active Directory Topology Diagrammer

It looks like we have to remeber new acronym for tool name – ADTD which stands for Active Directory Topology Diagrammer is, as I see it, replacement for older tool known for some people like ADMap.

It allows You to build Visio diagram representing Active Directory configuration based on data from catalog itself. ADTD can do this through discovery process based on DNS and requesting data from DCs or based on GC data.

Visio diagram can contain domain structure, OUs, sites, Exchange topology and application partition information.

Looks like tool worth to remeber for keeping Your AD documentation up to date and (for me more important) as a tool to gather post deployemnt configuration into nice diagram.

ADTD requires Vision licence but one Visio should be not a problem in organization.

P.S. It was rather quiet here for some time, work then holidays (yes, there is something like this even at Microsfot). Will try to post more often now :).

One thought on “Active Directory Topology Diagrammer”

  1. Hello, I used the old ADMAP, and one thing that was missing is replication information based on a calender for a site link. The replication cost and frequency are referenced in the visio. It seems that ADTD does not include this information …

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