How far You can actually push AD?

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Have you ever wondered how many objects You can create in Your DIT (actually this was showed some time ago by ~Eric) ? Or how many DC is to many in a domain? 

For some time now on one of MS internal distribution groups group of folks were discussing document which describes such limits related to AD (BTW – possibility to be a part of such discussion is one of greatest things related to be an insider). This document is now published. It is short but provides all information, check it out – Active Directory Maximum Limits.

BTW – if this just happens that you are a customer who is near of such limit or had actually crossed it (if this is related to number of objects – call PSS 🙂 ) I would be happy to hear about it either through comments or through e-mail. So far I worked with one particular customer who has actually crossed one of such limits – this was about number of DCs in single domain. But this isn't hard limit – is it more like recommendation and if You know how to handle this You can live with it.

So … another interesting reading.

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  1. FYI it is possible to have more than 1900 DC in one domain. The trick is to disable FRS and use another method for Sysvol replication (in house). We are finalizing testing to validate more than 400 DC per bridge head. This configuration is done on W2k, migration to 2003 should start next year (still with FRS disabled) and up to now, everything is working fine. I am working as consultant for a banking institution in Canada and I am lead architect on this project (work on BH)

  2. @Benoitdm Yes, I know this and I also know customers who are running such installations. This is more question if You are feeling comfortable with this and if yes, and you have tested it … I don't have problem with it. This is as I call it "soft limit" – if You are aware of consequences and you have done your lesson to mitigate the risk … why not. If you are such customer and You have PSS support you should discuss it with them (probably You have done it). Anyway – thank You for sharing such information. Maybe You should consider telling your story as a case study on next year TEC (former DEC) in Vegas :).

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