Steal this post … just like Deepak

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… You want to have Your own blog with fresh content … on different topics … just steel this post like Deepak Gupta is doing.

Lately he wrote about maximum limits in AD, just like I did. He wrote also about Hyper-V new features, exactly as Natasha did on her blog.

Maybe I should be flattered that I'm writing something interresting but probably he is just copying entire DirTeam site.  My friend Andrzej some time ago also had a problem with person who was stealing his posts. This is starting to be some kind of new plague affecting Internet.

I hope that this post will also get stolen by Deepak and will make him more happy as a content author. I hope it will also hit his front page and I really hope that it will pop-up from time to time in search results for somebody who will look for his name.

Sorry for all who are reading this blog for its technical (and maybe not only technical) content. This post is for Deepak … I hope he will steal this post as well and will display it on his front page.

9 thoughts on “Steal this post … just like Deepak”

  1. You know you that you are protected under Dirteams Copyright? MSN me we will chat about this.

  2. Tomasz, I guess some people don't read the copyright notice on the bottom of every Dirteam page. Analyzing Deepak’s behavior in the past I found he only steals posts showing up on one of our Affiliates. Although I don’t want to dismiss Deepak’s behavior, at least he had the decency to link back to the original story. Unlike some other persons who simply translate posts into another language and repost it like they're their own… Unfortunately in this version of CommunityServer we can't block IP addresses of people like Deepak, but I have played with the thought occasionally. Perhaps one day…

  3. Thank's for comments. This post was just more for myself to point others to such behavior which is starting to be quite common in the Internet space. I don't think that copyright terms will mean something for peoples who are just copying the content from other persons blogs. Let's forget about it and focus on new content on our blogs. I've just wanted to do something to show what I think about it and I've decided to do this blog post … 🙂

  4. I find Depak's behaviour annoying too, but it's no different from what Bink does and I fail to see what original content that site brings to the table.

  5. @aaronparker Actually I've stopped lurking at Bink's web site long time ago – if something important will happen or will get published I will get notified anyway by some friends or on other groups \ blogs I'm reading. So I'm trying to limit number of "news" websites I'm looking at. @bcbryan Yes .. he has pointed the source, however he is not altering content in awyay. Simple "As Tomek has written on his blog …. " would be enough. One Deepak isn't anoying but this is really starting to be some kind of common practice. One side effect of this post – hey … somebody is reading this … at least I know it 🙂

  6. Where is this copied to by Deepak, please send me the link. He has a Ping Back on his site to my post, that starts with my name and links back to me. I'll only be concerned should he be publishing my stuff without crediting me and providing the links.

  7. Mmm…. I have to say, I really don't mind Bink etc… doing that sort of thing because they're so clear about who posted the story and where it's source is located. Other's like this example just seem to gloss over these details. It's almost a brand distinction, and in this day and age each one of us want to contribute and have those contributions valued. Otherwise what are we sharing for?

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