RODC compatibility pack for down-level clients

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Number of RODCs in a production environment is probably not very high now but many peoples and organizations are thinking about it. For those I have good news that new KB article 944043 was published which is delivering RODC compatibility pack for down level clients. In this case 'down level' means XP and 2003. 

This fix is fixing (ok, at least it should as I haven't tested it yet) several (10 to be specific) different problems which may affect XP/2003 with conjunctions with RODC. Among others:

  • problem with time synchronization between XP/2003 and RODC
  • problem with joining domain and password resets in DMZ
  • problem with Windows 2003 registering SRV records in sites with RODC when auto site coverage is enabled
  • … and others as described in KB 944043.

It looks like I have to update my RODC presentation slide deck for RODC which I will present on next Monday :).