"User canceled installation" problem while installing ILM remotely

One of my fellows MCS consultants was deploying ILM at customer place and hit the strange issue, that ILM installation was terminating silently without any error message. In installer log for this installation following entry was logged at the end of the process:

MSI (c) (20:48) [16:49:34:097]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Microsoft Identity Integration Server. Product Version: 3.2.559.0. Product Language: 1033. Installation success or error status: 1602.


He asked me about some advice as he ran out of ideas what can be a cause and I've user err.exe to map this error code to "User canceled the installation":

# for decimal 1602 / hex 0x642
  ecFavDuplicate                                                 ec.h
  ERROR_INSTALL_USEREXIT                                         winerror.h
# User cancelled installation.


which was a bit strange as ha has claimed that they were not doing this. It wasn't like a blast and I knew right away what is a cause however based on my experience I've asked him is he doing this in a remote session. He has confirmed this and I've advised him to try to run in on a console. And this did the trick … installation went smoothly.

Maybe not something which will happen often but maybe it will help somebody with the same problem.