Google stomped on a browser

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Probably everyone heard about new Google baby – Chrome. BTW it was funny to read about it as about "leaked" information. If this was a leak … it was one pretty well controlled. But back to the point … so it is there and just out of curiosity decided to get it and try it.  So it looks like blog stress got me :).

(c) d_oracle

Few observations from installation procedure which maybe will save somebody's time:

  • Installer … Not very big(475KB), but it has to download the rest from the web. And in case that you will cancel install for some reason after download … it will download it again next time (no cache, but I can understand it).
  • Language – I know this is not an issue for most of the readers here, but I'm from Poland and English is not my native language. Despite this fact I'm using English OS and I like to keep all my applications in English versions, but my regional settings are set to Polish. Chrome doesn't give You choice when it comes to language version, but it gets it from your regional settings … so in case You want to have it specific language – check your regional settings.
  • Chrome is available for XP and Vista, but apparently developers at Google are following the same habits as other developers and they are working without UAC and as an Administrator. As a result Chrome on a system with UAC enabled will fail to install with some strange error. You have to run it as an Admin (as privileged user).

After installation it works smoothly, however images seems to load a bit slow in my case. One thing is missing, which is important for me … there is no ad blocking mechanism. Of course :).

But … besides browser itself Chrome adds one additional entry in a registry under:


which is tiny program called GoogleUpdate.exe (heck, I had to run Process Explorer). So if you want it or not Chrome will check for updated – manual update check option is missing.  By the way:

P.S. So the question is … who's the bear :)?