Holidays … and after holidays

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Most people who are working on a full time job are planning holidays once a year … and last few weeks were my holidays period. Unfortunately this wasn’t most happy time for my family as my grand father reached end of his earth journey and I had to cancel most of my plans and get back to Poland. Such things happens and it is called life. No matter how it might hurt us it will still happen and we can’t change it.

But during the first week we (myself and Magda, my fiance with our friends) managed to visit Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria? Because we weren’t there and we wanted to check how this place looks like now.  Right now I can tell You that I have mixed feelings about this place. We were visiting Black Sea coast near Burgas, to be exact in place called Ravda. Bulgaria still has some areas which they should improve, one of the priorities should be “clean the country” initiative. However sea was warm, weather nice and it is rather cheap place to visit (if you want to buy .apartment somewhere in Black Sea region it might be good time 😉 ).  Maybe I will find a time to post more pictures but right now only one shoot for anyone interested. This is river flowing into Black Sea under the beach. Pretty nice place and quiet one (You can click it for full size picture).

Really funny thing was to cross border from Serbia Republic to Bulgaria with a car. I won’t cover here whole story but it involves going through 6 different places where different people are checking papers or giving you some papers. At first check you are given USB stick which you have to carry through whole process and give back at the end, before entering the country. Really strange experience … but hey …  it is wireless at the end :).

Now I have to get back to work and prepare presentations for next week for MTS 2008 conference (this is TechEd like conference organized by our MS sub).