MTS 2008 post mortem

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MTS is acronym for Microsoft Technology Summit which is TechED like conference held by Microsoft in Poland. Few thousands of attendees, almost 90 sessions in two days.  During this year I delivered two sessions – one which was about AD replication (topology, USN mechanics, UTD vector etc.) and second was random thoughts about different interesting things from AD. If anyone reads Polish both are available on my Polish blog.

What is important for me is the fact that one of my session was scored as a 3’rd session on this event with overall average score 8.35/9, and second as 13’th session with overall average score 8.2/9

(cc) mactiste

This was much more that I was expecting, especially that I was presenting being sick for few days. Not everything went smooth, some demos had crashed, but if people still liked it I’m more than happy with it. Especially on event with so many known speakers like John Craddock or RafaŁ Łukawiecki.

I hope this is good omen before TEC 2009 which is coming, and this reminds me that my presentations fo this event should be ready soon. Time to get to real work ….