When Sxip meets Microsoft …

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I’m going through a bit hectic period at work now so I have very little time to post here and also to read other blogs. However today I managed to find some time to quickly scan through my RSS feeds.

What I found is information that ‘Dick Hardt has joined Microsoft as Architect in identity space. Well … some HR person or head hunter had a good day :).

Dick is well known as founder of Sxip identity and also because of his famous presentation on identity 2.0.

Probably ‘Dick is not reading this blog .. but anyway .. good luck. After Dean Wells this is second good person hired in Redmond in this year I heard of.


— Update —

What was my surprise when I posted this little note when I saw *** instead of name – You know which one :).

Well … software is getting too … well I can’t decide … smart or stupid :).