Who need a swap file ?

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OK … this isn’t an advocacy post :), but I remember discussions few years ago how to tweak NT or 2000 to run without swap file on newsgroups ;). It isn’t something I would do on purpose however it had happened on my T61P + 4GB RAM system. Actually I ran it without swap file for last few months … this will be lame … and I didn’t noticed it.

I didn’t bothered myself to check swap file allocation after I loaded Windows Server 2008 64-bit on my new laptop and there was no performance issue which will forced me to look into it. Until last week …. I tried to run VMWare Player and it said that it won’t run VM because private swap file can not be created (or something similar).

So I checked page file settings and it turned out that I run without it – creating one solver a problem. I will have to check on VM or in the feature if this is standard behavior in Windows Server 2008 OS or it was just some glitch.


… day as always :).