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Kind of quiet here lately which means that in most cases a lot of things going on 🙂 but not on the blog. But I’m planning to get back to more often blogging soon. Especially with ILM2 related topics. For now just few download information which I spotted on in my feeds.


(cc) edgenumbers

ADFIND – this is a tool which doesn’t have to be introduced (if otherwise I would advice to get to know with it). Joe has just released new 01.39 version. Few nice features, even more coming in 1.40.

Update  Best Practice Guide for Securing Active Directory Installations document. I haven’t got time to look what exactly has been updated but it might be good to refresh the link.

Powershell is getting more and more popular among MS product groups so we have now Powershell cmdlets for ILM 2007 FP1. To be honest I haven’t got a time to familiarize myself what’s in it – planning to do this after next week..

PS. And yes .. Win7 is also available and I’m running it on my laptop for 3 weeks now. But everyone are writing about it so I’ve decided not to :).