Debugging ILM2

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ILM2 has way more moving parts than ILM2007. We have right now portal with end-user UI based on Sharepoint, business logic hidden behind workflows and MPRs and old synchronization engine as it used to be in previous ILM versions This is very simple description, if You want to get whole overview of ILM2 architecture go to Connect web site and grab a copy of SDK.

Debugging all this components might be a bit troublesome during development process. So few tips …


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If you wonder which process should you attach your debugger to … Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe is your choice. This process hosts workflows executed within ILM2.

From the other side if you are looking to debug visual parts of your activities try to locate appropriate w3wp.exe process as visual parts of activities are hosted within IIS worker processes. You want to debug this part if you are trying to add your fresh activity as a part of a workflow in ILM2 workflow designer (it is so simple .. huh) and you will see yellow mark and Error on page in browser status bar.

If you will try to attach to Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe and this attempt will fail with Access denied message click “Select” in “Attach to process” dialog box, select “Debug these code types (which mean .. disable automatic choice) and select only Manage code. Yes … you have to disable Workflow option to debug workflow activities.

And if this is not enough and you want to troubleshoot messages exchanged with ILM2 web service you can enable web service messages tracing using this instructions.


Enjoy … 🙂