Me and TEC 2009 – update

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Some time ago I wrote that I had been lucky to be selected as a speaker for upcoming TEC 2009 conference. Sometimes one have to change his plans and because of some latest development related to my work I had to cancel my TEC 2009 attendance in Vegas.

I have to admit that I was waiting to go there and I will really miss all this TEC crowd networking and talking through those days. I know that there will be a lot of good technical content but what even more important face – to face meetings and if You are going there try to get best out of it.

As Quest had sustained their invitation (Thank You and sorry for this change) I still plan to attend TEC in Berlin this fall and deliver my sessions.

For all my friends who will make it to Vegas  I dedicate this Wulffmorghentaler comic strip :).


P.S. If You like this kind of humor Wulff just rocks :).