On a display …

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Back in my high school days I used to play in a punk rock band (if we can call it band 🙂 ). A lot of fun and adventures, few local gigs. Everything ended-up when we started our studies on universities. But it is not my punk rock band which put my name on a display …

Last weekend I was speaking at local community event (C2C 2009) in Poland and when I’ve arrived at place first thing which spotted was this:


I had a good laugh when I saw this poster and I couldn’t resist to take a picture with my mobile. At the same time a felt a bit flattered that someone decided to advertise this event with my name :).

Event itself was great. It was organized only by people from communities who had gathered sponsors and managed to organize event for few hundred of people with 3 separate tracks, 6 sessions each.

Because Windows 7 and Windows 2008 was covered already I decided to make a little experiment and do a talk abut something which is not widely known which is Identity Lifecycle Manager 2. I don’t think that there is a point to explain ILM2 guts to people who are seeing this product for a first time to I decided to do this as a case study demo, to show what can be done with RC0 without any code being written. Demo Gods decided to make it even more experimental and decided to crash my virtual machine a day before 🙂 … it is their weird sense of humor :).

Well … I haven’t got any official statistic or results but in overall I have to say that I feel good about how this session went. Not everything went smoothly and few things from demo didn’t work but it was OK Few people was really interested in product and its usage scenarios and we have some discussions afterwards which I think is some success if You are talking about something which was completely unknown to audience (3 from about 60 persons on a session heard about ILM at all).

Session itself was recorded but as it was in Polish probably it won’t be very useful for You here.

But bottom line is … if somebody in your area is organizing such event … and you feel you have something interesting to say … don’t hesitate and get displayed :). It is really worth to invest your time to support local tech communities. Best way to get MVP if You want it :).