NYT wrote “about me”

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Huh, I wish to know how many of readers really thought that NYT had used some of its Internet space to write about my little person. I’m not that famous .. yet ;). So if this is not really about “Tomek” what it is about?

How many of You know persons who are committing their time to help others on various forums \ web pages \newsgroups?  I have to admit that I’m one of such persons on my own and as it is harder and harder to find time for such activities I still can’t find a strength to remove this position from my daily activities 😉. Probably You know many as DirTeam.org origins from MVP community so probably you are familiar with MVPs. 


NYT wrote about such persons in a bit more commercial context, how big companies are starting to see value in such communities and are trying to boost existing or build a new one around their products \ companies. It might seems obvious that they can benefit from such move, but I observer that more and more companies are following this trend.

So it is no surprise that Sean (Big Hello 😉 , man who had run MVP program at Microsoft for long time is working in this space on his own (Good luck).

I enjoyed to read it so maybe you will enjoy it as well.