Well … real men don’t mind son as well

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Sander wrote few days ago that “Real man have a daughters”. I even don’t know what real man definition is but I would say that if I fit into this definition I don’t mind to have son and I’m really happy and proud that our family has new member.


Wojtek was born on 6’th of May and this also was beautiful day to be born :).

2 thoughts on “Well … real men don’t mind son as well”

  1. Congratulations Tomek!!! Looks like he is sleeping very peacefully there and even has a smile on his face. Do you think he is dreaming about all the possible features in Windows 2035 🙂 Hope your wife and the family are doing well and if we see you writing late night blogs we will know why.

  2. Congratulations Tomasz! [^]

    Sons, daughters…

    As fathers let's just be glad our offspring is healthy, beautiful and (on the pictures at least) not crying.

    Be proud, be happy and enjoy the time you spend with your little one!

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