Geneva Beta 2

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A bit late news but during TechEd which took place some time ago a new release, Beta 2 of Geneva family was announced. For those who are not familiar with Geneva it is code name for new family of products around federation and identity management.

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Geneva product family id build from three components (in very simple words):

  • Geneva Framework, which gives developer easy to use in .NET framework which will help them develop claims aware applications which may work with STS and CardSpace. Geneva Framework will make development of “identity aware” applications easier.
  • Geneva Server, which delivers next version of federation services on Windows Server platform. Geneva Server also delivers  Security Token Service (STS) which can issue claims based on different data source (AD, AD LDS, SQL as a source is built into this beta). Geneva Server will also support federation between corporation world and cloud services. 
  • Geneva CardSpace, which is new version of CardSpace client included in Windows as a client component. This version includes UI improvements and supports Geneva product line. More on this topic can be found in video posted on ID Element.

Geneva solutions can be downloaded through MSDN pages.

With Geneva Beta 2 release some additional materials was published which allows knowledge about Geneva to be expanded a bit. Those materials are:

To make this list complete  ID Element released few new video materials related to Geneva and its new release.  A lot of information for those who want to gain some new knowledge.