ILM fix in Exchange 2007 roll-up 9

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Exchange 2007 support in ILM 2007 has some tough history behind it. Lets not talk about painful past :). Even that this configuration (ILM and Exchange 2007) was available since Rollup 4 package with some fixes in Rollup 5 it wasn’t perfect. In some scenarios it still failed with MA export error caused by simple fact that update-recipient cmdlet used by ILM 2007 has ignored DC name passed by ILM in parameters on which operation should  be performed. This caused sometime that this cmdlet was performing operations against DC which didn’t knew about the change being made. This problem is described in KB963379.

This had caused:

  • problems with creating user mailboxes
  • problems with updating user mailboxes after change to account was made
  • problems with hideing user mailboxes from address list.


For those who had experienced such problems good news is that latest Rollup Update 9 contains following fix as described in KB970162:

The Update-Recipient command does not update specified domain controller parameters when you use Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2007 to migrate mail users to mailbox users in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

Rollup Update 9 for Exchange 2007 can be downloaded from Microsoft Download web site.

Good to hear that this was finally fixed … I hope that this time for sure.