September – speaking season

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This September – at least for me – is a speaking season. I’m speaking at two conferences. First is TEC 2009 organized by Quest in Berlin. TEC will gather many of well known people as speakers – let me quote Gil here:

TEC is comprised to two conferences this year. TEC/Identity and Access features speakers from Microsoft (Alex Weinert, Markus Vilcinskas, and Tomasz Onyszko for ILM/FIM 2010, Dean Wells, Nathan Muggli, and Brett Shirley for DS, and Matt Steele for Geneva), as well as notable MVPs Guido Grillenmeier, Jorge de Almeida-Pinto, and Brian Desmond.

TEC/Exchange includes Ross Smith IV, Greg Taylor, and Brett Shirley from Microsoft, as well as Exchange MVPs Ilse van Criekinge and Michael B. Smith.

And yes … I’m really flattered that I was mentioned in this announcement :).

Unfortunately I had to cancel my attendance in TEC 2009 in Las Vegas earlier this year but all signs shows that I will make to Berlin.

I’m going to present two sessions, one in directory services track and second in IdM track related to ILM:



If you will attend TEC and you are interested in these topics I will be more than glad to host You on my sessions :). And even if You will not attend my sessions and You will want just to say “hi” catch me in the breaks ;).

If You are not attending TEC … re-consider Your decision  … ask Your boss once again :). At least from my experience it is worth of time and money invested.

Second conference where I will speak is MTS 2009 organized by Polish MS sub. As this is Polish conference I will post more details on my second blog. If you are interested check out my W2K.PL blog in few days from now.

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  1. Thanks for a good session at TEC2009 today, looking forward to your session tomorrow on ILM 2007/v2 logging and auditing.

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