(Web)Press review

Reading Time: 2 minutes

During preparation to TEC sessions and during TEC I noted some topics to blog about in a future so I hope that I will find time to blog about them soon. I noted also some URLs to tools which are out there so today’s post is some kind of web press release.

Patch management. If you have ever wondered how to deploy updates maybe You will get interested in script which was posted by  Brian Desmond on his blog. Pretty interesting if you will ask me. Worth to check.

Group nesting. If you are managing AD environment and You have nothing against using W2008R2 Powershell you might take a look at script posted on AD Powershell team blogs site. It allows You to select group and analyze how it is nested in other groups and even present it in (sic!) tree form. Nice example how to utilize R2 Powershell capabilities.

Speaking about R2 Powershell. As some of You may know these cmdlets are not utilizing LDAP but brand new AD Web Service which is also being shipped with R2. For down level DCs (look how quickly W2008 has become down level 🙂 ) there is web download which delivers this service for Windows 2003 and 2008 DCs and ADAM \ AD LDS. It is called Active Directory Management Gateway and will allow You to manage these DCs with Powershell.

At the end something from other area – file server. New tool has hit Downloads web site – it is File Server Capacity Tool which comes in 32-bit i 64-bit flavor. I think name of this tool is self explaining.

So that’s all from web review for today …