Snapshot recovery tool strikes back

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Some time ago, when Windows 2008 was released I had some spare time (where are those days) and I wanted to master some of my .NET coding skills. What is better than find an idea to use them … and that’s how 1Identity Snapshot Recovery Tool was created.

Snapshot Recovery Tool is command line tool which might be used to un-delete existing tombstone and later to populate all or some of attributes with data from directory services snapshot data.

Snapshots is nice feature introduced in Windows 2008 which allows you to inspect Active Directory content at given point in time when snapshot was taken.  My opinion is that this was half-backed attempt to introduce something like Recycle Bin which is present now days in W2008R2. But hey .. it was there so I decided to use it.

Using this tool and snapshot data one can recover all attributes including links as in memberOf attributes for a user and member for a group.

It can recover single object or multiple objects based on GUID list or LDAP query.

Few words about original place where this tool was published – 1Identiyt. 1Identity was initiative of mine to build an independent network of directory services and identity experts which would build tools and documentation … it didn’t worked this time. Mostly because lack of time from my side. Maybe one day I will get back to this idea.

In the meantime … snapshot recovery tool is back here on and if You want it, and You can find use for it … feel free to use it.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions welcomed here or on


P.S.#1 I want to say big THANK YOU here for Jorge who has tested this tool and provided very useful feedback regarding functionality and bugs. And showed this tool few times at some (DEC\TEC) occasions.

P.S.#2 I also want to say Thank you to all of You who have tried this tool and liked it. I read some blog posts and comments about it and it was nice to read that my work has actually helped somebody.