Speaking of (at)TechED

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I just got back home from TechED from Berlin. This was kind of special TechED for me, for at least three reasons:

  1. I was first time in last 5 years on TechED, kind of side effect of my departure from Microsoft
  2. I was speaking for the first there at TechED !!!
  3. Last but by any means not least – I managed finally to meet our good soul here Sander … this was something.

So yes, I was speaking this year at TechED together with Paula Januszkiewicz, great speaker and personally my close friend. Result … you can judge by yourself as our session is already posted on TechED web site (image is linked to it).

Speaking to big room full of people was a good experience – feedback to be taken and lessons to be learned. But it was FUN !!! First of all thanks goes to PAULA !!! (You rock). I hope this was fun also for people in audience.

Personally TechED for me is more about networking with peers and meeting new people than attending a sessions, but I managed to see few of them. Now I will have to view the rest on-line. Few thoughts also which I will share here soon. Short summary – it was all about a cloud (I think some people got even tired of it) and we will see huge federation push from Microsoft. So stay tuned.