Confidential bit follow-up

Reading Time: < 1 minute After my previous post about confidential bit I received great feedback through blog comment system (Thanks Jorge and Lee) and in off-line conversation on newsgroup. I’ve decided to gather this additional information in next post as an update to my original one. First of all when You want to use confidential bit for some attribute … Continue reading "Confidential bit follow-up"

OpenLDAP MA for MIIS 2003

Reading Time: < 1 minute One interesting entry showed today on the SourceForge site. Developers from kernelnetworks developed and published on SF OpenLDAP Management Agent for MIIS 2003. Quote from the project web page: (…)This project aims at providing connectivity for commercial and non-commercial applications between MIIS 2003 and OpenLDAP 2.x-based directories, allowing customers to integrate OpenLDAP 2.x into an … Continue reading "OpenLDAP MA for MIIS 2003"

How to create and use confidential attributes

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lately I have to explain to one of our customers how to create attribute in Active Directory which can be protected with additional permissions from reading its content. Such possibility was introduced in Windows 2003 SP1 but when I looked for some information to point our customer to I didn’t found much documentation so I … Continue reading "How to create and use confidential attributes"

[R] DCDIAG debug switch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brett Shirley on in one of a threads on mailing list mentioned one .additional. switch which can be used in conjunction with dcdiag.exe command. DCDIAG is well known and extremely useful diagnostic tool used in many different Active Directory troubleshooting aspects to get information about current view of AD. When You will use /? … Continue reading "[R] DCDIAG debug switch"

[R] Using LDAP search filter to query attributes without value

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to searching for an object in the LDAP directory (like Active Directory) most of us will use a LDAP filter to display the objects we are looking for. An LDAP filter is a quick and easy way to construct queries that will be excecuted against the target directory service. Most of the … Continue reading "[R] Using LDAP search filter to query attributes without value"