32-bit to 64-bit Active Directory performance comparison has arrived

Reading Time: < 1 minute Active Directory Performance for 64-bit Windows Server finally was published on Microsoft Downloads. As most of us is aware of gain in performance which can be achived using 64-bit hardware platform as a DC base it's good to have official document about it. This white paper compares performance of Windows 2003 acting as a DC … Continue reading "32-bit to 64-bit Active Directory performance comparison has arrived"

Windows 2003 R2 and schema version

Reading Time: < 1 minute As new version of Windows 2003 was shipped new question started to pop-up on newsgroups – how to deal with schema incompatibility between Windows 2003 and Windows 2003 R2 when new DC is added? I've decided to highlight this here because more and more such questions can be seen on the Internet. Windows 2003 R2 … Continue reading "Windows 2003 R2 and schema version"

Active Directory Operations Guide

Reading Time: < 1 minute For those who missed this new download – Microsoft had released new AD realted document. Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Operations Guide is a refreshed version of comprehensive guide through most of AD related tasks which may be required in AD environment. Must have document for every person who is taking care about Active Directory.

Extending the schema – notes from the field

Reading Time: 6 minutes Now … the day had come, your forest schema has to be extended with some new attributes and classes. You are sweating, You are feeling dizziness (…) my goosh, my precious schema (…). That’s the case with many people – need to extend the Active Directory schema makes them ill or in best case not … Continue reading "Extending the schema – notes from the field"

Access token limitation document and tool

Reading Time: < 1 minute Problem with too "fat" security token in Windows 2000\2003 AD infrasructure is known from long time. In basic words – security token is access token generated for each user during the logon process. In the process of building this token all SIDs for security groups user belongs too are added to this token. But hey … Continue reading "Access token limitation document and tool"

.local namespace in mixed environments

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some posts on ActiveDir.org mailing list reminds me about a topic I discussed some time ago with few peoples regarding using .local DNS suffix in AD domain environment. In fact there is nothing wrong with this particular suffix, it can be used and it is widely used in examples, and as far as I know … Continue reading ".local namespace in mixed environments"

System state backup may fail on Windows 2003 SP1 DCs

Reading Time: < 1 minute New KB article came out few days ago regarding possibility of backup failure on Windows 2003 SP1 DCs in specific configuration. Specific configuration means different location for neither DIT file or database logs file if one of this elements is located also on the system drive. So both (DIT and logs) on different drives are … Continue reading "System state backup may fail on Windows 2003 SP1 DCs"