System.DirectoryServices and connection pooling

Reading Time: 2 minutes Connection pooling is something with most of .NET and SQL developers are pretty familiar with. It is mechanism which allows to re-usage of once established connection under some conditions. Establishing connections are considered as costly operation in networking world. So it might do good for performance of Your application if only one connection will be … Continue reading "System.DirectoryServices and connection pooling"

Short break on the blog … spring is coming

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was a bit silent on this blog lately. Mainly because massive load of work I had last time with different MIIS and AD engagements. This required some traveling (Belfast and Belgrad this time)  and consumed a lot of time and efforts, but I'm pretty happy with results. I hope my customers as well :). … Continue reading "Short break on the blog … spring is coming"

Problem with Crystal Reports redistributable package

Reading Time: < 1 minute I know that this blog has DS in its title, but as my job sometimes involves development of various elements of IdM systems, which includes ASP .NET applications it may happen that You will find here developement or application deployment posts. Actually this is one of such posts. Today I was deploying at customers systems … Continue reading "Problem with Crystal Reports redistributable package"