SC'enario: Streaming Media (reverse) Proxy

 Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008 can be equipped with Windows Media Services 2008. This opens up some interesting deployment scenario's for Server Core in combination with this role. This blogpost in my Easter 2008 series on SC'enarios explains how to install and use Windows Media Services for Windows Server 2008 on Server Core … Continue reading "SC'enario: Streaming Media (reverse) Proxy"

SC'enario: Windows Web 2.0 Server 2008

Windows Web Server 2008 is the successor to Windows Web Server 2003. It has some interesting tricks up its sleeve, that I just wanted to share with you in this SC'enario, since I believe Windows Web Server 2008 might eventually be the Operating System showing one of the ultimate potential of Web Services in Server … Continue reading "SC'enario: Windows Web 2.0 Server 2008"