Using IE connection settings – get rid of this please

This will be about something which bothers me a lot in Microsoft software – why in many of Microsoft programs we are relaying on IE Internet connection settings and state. Sometimes I'm working off-line – IE is switched to work off-line mode. When I get back on-line and I don't want to use IE – … Continue reading "Using IE connection settings – get rid of this please"

System.DirectoryServices and connection pooling

Connection pooling is something with most of .NET and SQL developers are pretty familiar with. It is mechanism which allows to re-usage of once established connection under some conditions. Establishing connections are considered as costly operation in networking world. So it might do good for performance of Your application if only one connection will be … Continue reading "System.DirectoryServices and connection pooling"

Get Windows Server 2008 now

It is possible to obtain Windows Server 2008 through various public channels, even if you're not a devoted IT Professional or a technology craving geek like me. Some channels are more useful, offer more features or are kept more up-to-date than others. I'll discuss the various channels in this post along with their benefits, requirements and quirks.