Knowledgebase: Azure AD Connect Health Agents are not registered on Azure AD Connect installations running version

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Azure AD Connect

Version of Azure AD Connect that was released just last week seems to have an issue with the Azure AD Connect Health agent.


The situation

You intend to synchronize objects from one or more on-premises Active Directory Domain Services implementations to an Azure AD tenant.

You install Azure AD Connect version to act as the synchronization tool. Azure AD Connect is Microsoft's free tool to synchronize objects from Active Directory and LDAPv3-compatible identity stores to Azure AD.


The issue

After installation of Azure AD Connect version, the Health services are not registered.


The cause

The issue is caused by an error in Version of Azure AD Connect. This error will be resolved in subsequent versions of Azure AD Connect.


The solution

If the Azure AD Connect Health for Sync agent registration fails after you successfully install Azure AD Connect, then you can use a line of Windows PowerShell to manually register the agent.

Use this PowerShell command only if the agent registration fails after you install Azure AD Connect.

Manually register the Azure AD Connect Health agent for Sync by using the following line of Windows PowerShell:

Register-AzureADConnectHealthSyncAgent -AttributeFiltering $false -StagingMode $false


The command takes following parameters:

  • AttributeFiltering: $true (default) if Azure AD Connect isn't syncing the default attribute set and has been customized to use a filtered attribute set. Otherwise, use $false.
  • StagingMode$false (default) if the Azure AD Connect server is not in staging mode. If the server is configured to be in staging mode, use $true.

When you're prompted for authentication, use the same Global admin or Hybrid Identity admin account (such as that you used to configure Azure AD Connect.

The Azure AD Connect Health services will start after the agent has been successfully registered.

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