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Sander Berkouwer is a Dutch IT Professional with over ten years of experience with projects in large IT environments. He is a contributing blogger at the / Weblogs ( and the founder and owner of ServerCore.Net. Since 2009, Microsoft has awarded Sander with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award and since 2011 he works part-time as an IT Professionals Evangelist for Microsoft Netherlands.

How not to offer Guest Wi-Fi

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him a horrible internet connection. – Loosely based on a quote by Abraham Lincoln   Some jobs are worse than others. Some environments are more toxic than others. Some things can just annoy the heck out of you. On […]


Join me for an Active Directory 101 webinar, in cooperation with Veeam

This year, as a Veeam Vanguard, I’m hosting a series of three Active Directory Domain Services webinars, together with Timothy Dewin and hosted by Veeam. The first webinar in the series is the Active Directory 101 webcast on February 21, 2017. I’m very excited for this session, because for me it is a way to […]


Things to know about Billing for Azure MFA and Azure MFA Server

Our friends at Microsoft have embraced the cloud as a way to give us the benefits of Pay-per-Use for our licensing needs. This is good news for any person, responsible for billing in an organization that relies heavily on Microsoft products. When thinking about Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), as a service for, for instance, Azure […]


I’m a 2017 Veeam Vanguard

Today, Veeam updated their Vanguard page. This marks the end of the 2017 Veeam Vanguard Nomination and Renewal processes. For me, it means I successfully renewed my 2016 Veeam Vanguard Award. I still remain one of the three Dutch Veeam Vanguards, together with Joep Piscaer and Arne Fokkema. I feel honored.   About Veeam Vanguards […]


Supported Azure MFA Server Deployment Scenarios and their pros and cons

Just like Microsoft is able to differentiate between different sizes and maturity levels of customers in its licensing, so is Microsoft’s on-premises Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Server product. Azure MFA Server allows for four Microsoft-supported deployment scenarios: Simple Deployment One All-in-one Multi-Factor Authentication Server implementation Redundant Deployment Two All-in-one Multi-Factor Authentication Servers with replication Stretched […]


Pictures of the 2017 Nordic Infrastructure Conference in Oslo last week

Last week, on Thursday February 2 2017, Raymond Comvalius and I were scheduled to present on Azure Active Directory Business to Business (B2B) and Azure Active Directory Business to Consumer (B2C) at the 2017 Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NICConf) in the Oslo Spektrum. We were both really looking forward to this event, because it is our […]


Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server version adds Oracle LDAP Support (among other features)

This morning, I received a notice of a new version of Microsoft’s on-premises Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server product. According to the release notes, this version includes a new feature, logging improvements and a bug fix that might plague your Azure Multi-Factor Authentication implementation.   What’s New Version of the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server adds […]


I’m speaking at the 2017 Nordic Infrastructure Conference

After a year of absence, Raymond Comvalius and I have been invited back to the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NICConf).   About the Nordic Infrastructure Conference The Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NICConf) provides IT and business professionals with unmissable networking and learning experiences from the leading Global IT experts. The event has a strong practical educational focus […]


Getting to know the colleagues using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

On this blog, and in several other places, I’ve shared my experiences with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. While this information meanly focuses on the on-premises Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server, I did encounter the occasional implementation of the cloud-based Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. For one such implementation, I had the pleasure of migrating it from the cloud to […]


Pictures of the iSense Hybrid Identity night

Last Thursday evening, I delivered two one-hour presentations for the Hybrid Identity evening, hosted by iSense. After my Thursday day-to-day activities in The Hague, I drove to Gouda. Pretty fast, the satnav pointed me to smaller roads to avoid heavy traffic on the A12 highway, making me arrive on time (meaning an hour early). I […]