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Join me for an Active Directory 101 webinar, in cooperation with Veeam

This year, as a Veeam Vanguard, I’m hosting a series of three Active Directory Domain Services webinars, together with Timothy Dewin and hosted by Veeam. The first webinar in the series is the Active Directory 101 webcast on February 21, 2017. I’m very excited for this session, because for me it is a way to […]


Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server version adds Oracle LDAP Support (among other features)

This morning, I received a notice of a new version of Microsoft’s on-premises Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server product. According to the release notes, this version includes a new feature, logging improvements and a bug fix that might plague your Azure Multi-Factor Authentication implementation.   What’s New Version of the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server adds […]


Forcing the use of a specific Azure Multi-Factor Authentication method for a Relying Party Trust in AD FS

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) in combination with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Server work together when you install and configure the Azure MFA Adapter for AD FS. Now, per Relying Party Trust (RPT) in Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), you might want to force the use of a specific Azure Multi-Factor Authentication method. […]


Prompting colleagues for their Multi-Factor Authentication method in AD FS

Since version 7 of the on-premises Azure MFA Server, a new setting is available that might make sense in your Hybrid Identity environment when using Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), called Prompt for user’s method. According to the Azure MFA Server Release Notes, this feature is available since version In the release […]


Only Three Months of Support remain for DirSync and Azure AD Sync

As I wrote earlier, Microsoft ends support for implementations using the stand-alone Azure AD Sync tool and implementations of DirSync per April 13, 2017. As I write this, there is a mere three months left to take care of your migration to a recent version of Azure AD Connect and the implementation of lifecycle management […]


Version 1.1.380.0 of Azure AD Connect fixes a bug in multi-domain scenarios

Last week, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Connect, dubbed version 1.1.380.0, that contains a bug fix that is especially applicable to organizations using Azure AD Connect in a networking environment consisting of multiple Active Directory domains and/or Active Directory Forests.   What’s New In this build of Azure AD Connect, an issue […]


An entirely new Management Pack for Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 is now available

When organizations embrace new versions of software in a structured way, they end up with checklists, much like the ones I wrote for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Migrating end-user device Operating Systems (OSs), however, is different to embracing a new version of the Windows Server Operating System (OS). From an information security point of […]


Azure AD Connect 1.1.371.0 offers Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-On preview capabilities

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Connect, dubbed version 1.1.370.0, featuring two new Hybrid Identity features. This morning, Microsoft released an even newer version of Azure AD Connect with version number 1.1.371.0, fixing an issue that customers experienced when upgrading to 1.1.370.0. Let’s look at the new features in these two versions […]


Azure AD Connect version 1.1.343.0 with support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016

Yesterday, while I was chatting with a company in the North of Netherlands on Azure, Microsoft released version 1.1.343.0 of Azure AD Connect, for all your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services and LDAP v3 to Azure Active Directory, and thus Office 365, synchronization needs. Version 1.1.343.0 of Azure AD Connect, dubbed the November 2016 release, […]


KnowledgeBase: Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard shows ‘Windows Server Technical Preview’ functional levels

Last week, Microsoft officially released Windows Server 2016, its ‘latest and greatest’ Serer Operating System for use as hypervisor, just enough server, management serer and of course, Azure IaaS-based Virtual Machines (VMs).   The situation Windows Server 2016 was announced Release to Manufacturers (RTM) during the Keynote of Microsoft’s Ignite event on September 26, 2016, […]