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ExTRA! ExTRA! (Read all about it)

The Microsoft Exchange Team released a new tool last week to help Exchange Administrators troubleshoot typical problems that may occur. Typically they named it the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant, pet naming it ExTRA. Version 1.0 was found to be a good starting point for this new free tool.


ExMerge: Goodbye to an old friend

One of the most specialised tools that I regularly use and absolutely love is the Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Merge Wizard. (ExMerge) Lately I find myself pondering about the future of my old friend, which has been my partner in crime in the last past years.


Exchange Server 2007 and the Active Directory, Part 1

I’ve been looking at Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 today and the way it interoperates with the Active Directory. It won’t come as a surprise to see that Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 still relies on the Active Directory as its directory service (like Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003) but there […]


Microsoft offers Office 2007 with huge rebates.

I recently visited a customer, where the IT manager had second thoughts about an offer he received from his current IT partner and Microsoft.