The Weblogs in 2017

Goodbye 2017! As we say goodbye to yet another calendar year, we’re sharing our achievements for the past year. Although we missed the beat last year, this year we’re stronger than ever with our analysis.   Pageviews and visits Throughout 2017, the / Weblogs served four and a half million pages. To be … Continue reading "The Weblogs in 2017"

Moving from StartSSL to DigiCert

The and Weblogs have relied on certificates from StartSSL, ever since we introduced the option to visit our website using SSL and TLS. One of the main reasons for choosing StartSSL was that their certificates are available for free. However, recent events have led to a distrust in the certificates issued by StartSSL. … Continue reading "Moving from StartSSL to DigiCert"

The / Weblogs now run on Azure

Previously, the / Weblogs were hosted on a webserver made available by OGD in its Delft-based datacenter. The server hosting WordPress was situated behind a firewall and backed up off-site on a daily basis. This was a really luxurious situation to be in, and I even presented on the situation at TheDatacenterGroup's partner event… and yet we … Continue reading "The / Weblogs now run on Azure"

The / Weblogs in 2015

Goodbye 2015! As we say goodbye to 2015, it is our custom to share the wonderful things the team behind the / Weblogs have achieved. As we changed our underlying platform in December 2014, this year was our first full year on the platform and its accompanying analytics features.   Pageviews and visits … Continue reading "The / Weblogs in 2015"

Surface Pro 3 Pen Button Windows 10 Bug

So I've got this lovely shiny Surface Pro 3. The Screen being al touchy, the OS being all Windows 10 Pro, and the pen button starting up the modern OneNote App. However, ,in windows 8.1 I had a choice between the modern App version and the Desktop version of OneNote. A quick review of the … Continue reading "Surface Pro 3 Pen Button Windows 10 Bug"

Which version of ADMT is most appropriate for your migration scenario?

Microsoft has released various versions of the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) in the last couple of years. With it, you can migrate user accounts and groups from one domain (the source domain) to an Active Directory target domain. However, when looking closer at the various versions of ADMT, you’ll notice that Microsoft has not … Continue reading "Which version of ADMT is most appropriate for your migration scenario?"

Checking security protocols and ciphers on your Exchange servers

Microsoft states that Exchange 2010 and 2013 are secure out of the box. With this they mean that every traffic coming in and out of Exchange is one way or another encrypted with security protocols. Whether this is web traffic or specific for SMTP. Even IMAP and POP are enabled with mandatory encryption (although the … Continue reading "Checking security protocols and ciphers on your Exchange servers"

The / Weblogs on Twitter

The / Weblogs are the most active Active Directory-related blogging resource on the web, next to Microsofts own TechNet blogs. As mentioned in the previous blogpost, the topics and areas of information you, as our respected readers, read is diverse and ranges from Windows Server-specific configurations to Exchange Server load-balancing. This is just the way we like … Continue reading "The / Weblogs on Twitter"

I’m hosting three (sold-out) Windows Server 2012 R2 IT Camps with Daniel van Soest

Remember when I hosted a Microsoft Windows Server IT Camp with Tony Krijnen in December of 2012? Now, as part of my virtual Technical Evangelist (vTE) role within Microsoft Netherlands, I’m hosting IT Camps again. Last time, I had a good time and the pictures to show it. So, it should not come as a … Continue reading "I’m hosting three (sold-out) Windows Server 2012 R2 IT Camps with Daniel van Soest"