Dirteam Bloggers at LyncConf 2014

From Saturday February 15, 2014 to February 22, 2014, I will be in Las Vegas to attend LyncConf 2014. I’m very excited! Together with my colleague and fellow Dirteam blogger Robin Gilijamse, I will be getting all the ins and outs on the subject of Microsoft Lync and Unified Communications. The 2014 Lync Conference will … Continue reading "Dirteam Bloggers at LyncConf 2014"

SkyDrive crashes on my domain machine

I while ago I wrote about restoring your Win-X menu when this did not show up after migrating from a Windows 7 member client to a Windows 8 member client. And by member client I mean active directory member. It turns out this problem still exists in Windows 8.1. Also in Windows 8.1 there seems … Continue reading "SkyDrive crashes on my domain machine"

Inconsistent Membership of a Security Group

I ran across an issue the other day that had me scratching my head and calling PSS to try and track down the problem. For some reason we had members of a security group that were inconsistently being denied access to RDP to our SQL servers.  There is a special group the SQL DB's belonged … Continue reading "Inconsistent Membership of a Security Group"

The UC Architects podcast episode 12 is out. With special guest Greg Taylor.

If you didn’t know yet, Episode 12 of the UC Architects podcast is out. And it is an interesting episode as we had Microsoft's Greg Taylor as a special guest! Greg is a Program Manager within the Microsoft Exchange Product Team and is responsible for the Customer Experience. Before this interview all of the UC … Continue reading "The UC Architects podcast episode 12 is out. With special guest Greg Taylor."

The UC Architects Episode 11 is out now!

The newest UC Architects episode, the eleventh, is now available from iTunes and the Zune store and soon via www.theucarchitects.com. This episode includes myself, host Pat Richards, co-hosts Michel de Rooij, Johan Veldhuis, Ståle Hansen and specials guests Lync MCM Kevin Peters and Lync MVP Matt Landis. Topics include (but are not limited to): October 2012 … Continue reading "The UC Architects Episode 11 is out now!"

Preparing for the Exchange 2013 (beta) exams

In the upcoming episode 11 of The UC Architects podcast, we discussed about preparing for the Exchange 2013 exams. As I blogged earlier, the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging certification requires the exams 70-341 and 70-342, next to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2012 certification. Currently the Exchange 2013 exams are in … Continue reading "Preparing for the Exchange 2013 (beta) exams"